Official UK Police Issue

The Defender Lumos LED is standard issue to multiple police forces across the UK.

 Selected through 2015/16 tender (ongoing).

 Praised for exceptional performance.

 Relied on for durability & portability.

 Supplied to almost all UK forces (Molle compatible)

The Defender Lumos LED is recognised as one of the most high-end torches available.

Outstanding 230 lumens, 120m beam.

LED Cree XP-E2, IP54 Waterproof.

-  User-friendly beveled on/off switch.

Lightweight but durable; 130 x 36 x 38 mm.

Part of the Family - Lumos UV+

Part of the Family - Lumos LED

We have added to the flagship Defender Lumos LED model with the dual function Defender Lumos UV+ 

-  LED: 230 lumens over 120m; UV: 365nM over 3m.

 3 x LED modes; Full, Half (115 lumens) & Strobe.

 Magnetic base with USB recharge point. IP54.

 Lightweight, simple operation; 135 x 26 x 30.5 mm.

Part of the Family - Lumos Mini ProTrace

The third addition to our growing Lumos family is the ultra compact Defender Lumos Mini ProTrace

-  Developed through discussion with Met Police.

-  365nM UV beam, 8000μw/cm² intensity at 38cm.

 Work with SmartWater® & SelectaDNA®.

-  Premium battery life (USB), IP34; 100 x 24 x 23 mm.

Defender Lumos Family

Premium Performance

See why UK Police trust

the Defender Lumos 

family of torches.

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Lumos Family

Official Police Issue Torches

The premium collection of LED & UV torches, as used by UK Police Forces.


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Accessories Available

Compliment your Defender Lumos torch with our range of convenient accessories.

-  Belt Holster for maximum portability.

-  Klickfast Holder for improved accessibility.

 Amber Traffic Wand Attachment for road safety.

-  All Lumos torches are Molle compatible.

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